Explain AI to me like I’m a 5-year-old…or a CEO

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Proximal Policy Optimization

OpenAI is implementing a new reinforcement learning algorithm, Proximal Policy Optimization, which will allow them to train AI policies. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments!Read the full article here.

AI Suggests Recipes Based On Food Photos

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Google's New AI Is Creating Breathtaking Pictures

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Guess Who Your Best Teammate Might Be?

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Importance of AI Beating Humans at Games

"Playing games can also help AI systems learn strategy, negotiation, and, in particular, predicting what humans will do – all of which can be applied to business problems as well." What do you think are other benefits from AI beating humans…

Microsoft’s role at the intersection of AI, people and society

"As AI breakthroughs abound, we as a technology company have the chance to channel all those innovations into tools that help people do their jobs better and more efficiently, and that solve some of the world’s toughest challenges." What are…

DeepMind Is Deepening Our Minds Once Again!

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Forgetting Things May Be an Essential Part of Our Brain Function

"Richards hopes that by understanding the neurobiology of forgetting, we’ll be able to design AI systems capable of interacting with the world and making decisions the same way human beings do." Share your thoughts about this article below!…

Google Uses AI to Help You Find a Job Faster

Google has made it easier to look for a job with the use of AI. Let us help you in your next career move too! Visit our career section for our current opportunities and be the first one to know about our job openings by liking our page on FB…