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Written down alongside other personal belongings that included spoons, forks, hogs, cows, and a sofa were my great great grandparents, Thomas and Carrie Richardson. Baron Ambrosia appeared in Fornal's self-produced video podcast Underbelly NYC, the public-access television cable TV channel BronxNet's Bronx Flavor, and "The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia" on the Cooking Channel. They wanted to do a kind of a map-driven show and asked if there was anyone I worked in the field with. In this half-hour black & white ode to the Christmas films of the 1950s, Baron Ambrosia Contact an All American Speakers Bureau booking agent for more information on Justin Fornal speaking fees, availability, speech topics and cost to hire for your next live or virtual event. Each time she repeated a story, I felt like she was trying to give me a message. The Giffiti That Keeps on Giving Air Date: June 13, 2008 The Rites of Sandwich Air Date May 16, 2008 I tracked down Freedmen contracts of the Harrell side of my family that proved that they were sharecroppers. His field work focuses on vanishing cultural traditions in crisis zones, rituals, and ancient textiles. See Photos. Justin Fornal. below. While Baron Ambrosia is in maximum security prison, a national television network hires a hipster look-alike named Brian Andozza to hijack the show. Thats how he and I connected. These stories are more common than you think. Location: Jamaica, Queens, 12. Related: These Dresses Will Bring the Wow Factor to Your Westchester Wedding, The History, Arts, and Science Action Network, These Dresses Will Bring the Wow Factor to Your Westchester Wedding, Where to Order Big Food for the Big Game in Westchester, Emmy Winner Donald Stevens Sings the Sound of Change in Westchester. This profile was gathered from multiple public and [10] Also in 2010, Sony used Baron Ambrosia to promote its Vegas Pro suite of video editing software. Its what makes his show important and a large body of my work has been that as well, Fornal said. I saw time and time again, people were afraid to share their stories. As opposed to boiling it down and making syrup, you drink it fresh from the tree, which he said has an abundance of vitamins and minerals. However, I also believe there are still African families who are tied to Southern farms in the most antebellum sense of speaking. I will be in Somalia this year, working on a project with an underrepresented minority group to help them make a documentary. A few times we sat together with Mae and the other siblings. That sense of adventure hooked him while he was in middle school, said Fornal, who recalls an Asian market once on Main Street in Middletown, where hed buy strange and wonderful things. Somalia, Afghanistan or Liberia? Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo is marking World Wetlands Day with explorer Justin Fornal, who will do an Open Water Swim on Feb. 2to help raise awareness for the Zoo's conservation efforts. That evening still covered in blood, Mae ran away through the woods. On November 2, 2013 Ambrosia premiered his first feature-length movie based on the Bronx Flavor series, "Baron Ambrosia is Dead". View court, arrest, criminal/conviction After the cursed meat turns all Bronxites into zombie shoppers it is up to the Baron to save all the holidays from certain destruction. Ill never forget the look in their eyes when one would speak about a horror they endured. In both shows, Baron Ambrosia involves local business owners, diners, and passers-by in comedic sketches. Battle of the Forbidden Fruit Release Date: March 12, 2007 My philosophy is, yes, we know they have cheese steak. Fornal is currently planning the first historic swim of the Niger River through Mali. I couldnt believe what I was hearing. Justin Fornal lives in Encinitas, CA; previous cities include San Diego CA and Del Mar CA. All rights reserved. 1 of 3 Baron Ambrosia, 39, aka Justin Fornal, is host of "The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia" on the Cooking Channel. Call us to speak with a booking agent to discuss your event or specific speaker request. He will be wearing a specially designed open-cell neoprene wetsuit for the task. Sign Up. Along the way, he's distracted by other food delights Newark has to offer including Trinidadian roti, Italian hot dogs and Portuguese dry soup. 4. But just when he thinks he's got it made, he finds his nemesis Burgomiester Burger is stealing recipes from all of the best local restaurants. Culinary Nonesense-ness Air Date: January 4, 2011 I wanted something that had a gritty city and Philly. Special Guest: Grandmaster Melle Mel, 15. No. Log In or Sign Up Justin Fordinal See Photos Justyn Fornal See Photos Justin Fordinan See Photos Justyn Fornal See Photos Princes Justine Fordtagal See Photos Justin Fordinan See Photos Justine Fornal Viva Pulque Release Date: July 22, 2007 In early 2008, Baron Ambrosia re-emerged in Bronx Flavor on BronxNet, a Public-access television cable TV channel in Bronx, NY.[4]. Culinary Focus: A re-release of the Underbelly episode of the same name with new scenes and extended plot. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate, KILLINGWORTH >> You know youve made it when Anthony Bourdain introduces you as a showman, iconoclast, explorer and gourmet on an episode of Parts Unknown.. What Shows Have Been Renewed or Canceled? The first dinner was held at the abandoned Bronx County Courthouse January 29, 2011. Location: Aunty Nana's & the Water Street Market in Monrovia Justin still visits his parents once a week in Killingworth, where he grew up exploring the woods behind their home. After finding a treasure map hidden in a haunted carousel, Baron makes his way through Bridgeport, CT in search of P.T. Location: Bronx, New York, 3. East Bay Investigations Air Date: July 13, 2012 The lady on the cart saw the bush moving. Photo by Raymond Pagnucco | Courtesy of Justin Fornal. Six Planets are Retrograde, What Does that Mean for You? He takes to the streets of Newark, NJ in search of Jersey Devil fajitas, said to bring super-human strength to anyone that consumes them. My mother always talked to me about our family history and the family members who had passed on. It was always important to me to still be close to my parents and to the forest. [citation needed], Baron Ambrosia is the President of the Bronx Pipe Smoking Society which holds an annual small game dinner in the Bronx. Sometimes, when we would be at an event where there was free food, she couldnt stop eating. The Liberian, The Pepper and the Pestle Air Date: April 5, 2009 Justin's work has appeared on National Geographic, Cooking Channel, Whetstone, VICE, CNN, Roads & Kingdoms, and many other outlets. Its more a title than a name. I found my ancestors in the 1853 inventory belonging to Benjamin and Celia Bankston Richardson. The same company that did my Baron Ambrosia stuff, Karga Seven Pictures, said they would love to do a show about me and my love of maps and exploration. In 2016 he tracked down the lost skull of African American slave rebellion leader Nat Turner and repatriated it to the Turner descendants. government sources. In 1994, I started to look into historical records and public records. Culinary Focus: Thai curries Here she would be raped by whatever men were present. Justin Fornal lives in Yonkers, NY; previous cities include Killingworth CT, Bronx NY and Pittsburgh PA. Genre. FEMALE AGE 72. Suddenly, the phone started ringing off the hook with people asking me to do shows or pitching shows, and that eventually led to getting Unexplained and Unexplored. Justin's work has appeared on National Geographic, Cooking Channel, Whetstone, VICE, CNN, Roads & Kingdoms, and many other outlets. The Bronx, whose local food which Fornal knows inside and out, is now his domain. Location: Dashi Bazaar, 5. [1] Fornal stopped using the character after the feature length film BARON AMBROSIA IS DEAD to pursue exploration and documentary film-making full time. To dare people to dream and have fun again, and to let kids know that anything is possible and that life can always be enjoyable. must get together $300,000 before midnight Christmas Eve to save the Bronx Orphanage from a people learn more about others, just like Yelp does for View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. Location: Lobster House & The Black Whale Six months after that meeting, I was giving a lecture on genealogy and reparations in Amite, Louisiana, when I met Mae Louise Walls Miller. Bronx Flavor focuses strictly on his adventures in the Bronx. They function much like a maple tree in that they render sap and pretty much water is filtered through the tree to awaken it in the spring. End Game I: Saving City Island Air Date January 1, 2010 Culinary Focus: Palm Butter Culinary Focus: The sacred fermented juice of the Magey plant known as Pulque. This was a chance to learn a history we were never taught in school. In June of 2018 he was listed as the '#3 most adventurous person in the world right now' by Men's Journal. Opening the suppressed memories upset him so much he ended up in the hospital. Werefox of Phoenix Air Date: July 20, 2012 See Mae's father, Cain Wall, lost his land by signing a contract he couldnt read that had sealed his entire familys fate. Culinary Focus: A mammoth sandwich named after Baron Ambrosia, 6. His name is Baron Ambrosia", "NAB 2010 Sony Creative Software with AMD Event Main sponsors: Sony Creative Software, AMD Powered by: VASST Date, Monday, April 12th 6:30- 9:00pm", "In a Quest for Flavor, Baron Ambrosia Expands His Realm", "Up Next, How I Outran the Giant Fireball", "Serving Otter, Beaver and 'God Knows How Many Muskrats' in the Bronx", "The Bronx Pipe Smoking Society's Small Game Dinner: Eating Beaver, Porcupine, and More", "The Night I Ate Raccoon, Bobcat, and Coyote with Baron Ambrosia", "He does it! Im an open-water swimmer, training on the Hudson River year-round, and I have a big swim from Canada to Greenland that Ill be doing in May. The story was documented in a project entitled Giving Voices. It was a brutal catharsis for them to speak about what happened on that farm. So there could be fight scenes and dance scenes and big love stories and ghosts and super villains. With expert researchers and laser mapping tools, explorer Justin Fornal investigates mysteries lost to time and mythical outposts detailed in historical maps that are brought to life through stunning 3D animation. Cain believed that because he had told me what happened on the farm that the man on the TV was going to come to his house and drag him back. The Baron is a haughty self-important noble and Ambrosia (an ambrosial experience) represents the unabashedly bacchanalian aspect of his personality, Fornal said. Through her work, she's unearthed painful stories in Southern states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Florida. [21], Pilot Episode Air Date: November 11, 2011 When Mae got a bit older, she would be told to come up to work in the main house with her mother. Reviews help Other family members and associates include Philip Weiner, Ronce Angelov, Philip Weiner and Kiril Angelov. Fornal has produced the video podcast Underbelly NYC, critically acclaimed TV series Bronx Flavor and even appeared on Anthony Bourdain Goes Old School Puerto Rican (Parts Unknown: The Bronx).. View personal, professional, and Dating reviews for Justin. Culinary Focus: The Puerto Rican tamale known as a pastel Culinary Focus: the healing Haitian beef patties of Vodou Mambo Rose Carline It almost looks like youre working with clay. Justin Fornal. There were unusual ticks she had from her upbringing. The events are invite only and are designed to introduce alternative protein sources as well as celebrate native eating traditions. Seasonal18. Please Note: All American Speakers Bureau is a full-service talent booking agency providing information on booking Justin Fornal for speaking engagements, personal appearances and corporate events. The 230 mile route will go from Mopti to the ancient city of Timbuktu. Justin is now married. [citation needed], On April 1, 2012, Justin Fornal won the New York Emmy for "On-camera talent: Performer/narrator" for his portrayal of Baron Ambrosia. See Photos. I told you my story because I have no fear in my heart. What did they do after Emancipation in 1863? Location: World of Taste Seafood and Deli, 16. All rights reserved. While Justin Fornal recently drew attention by paddling across the Hudson River in a carved-out 1,500-pound pumpkin, hes been turning heads for quite a while. Justin has a reported annual income of $90 - 99,999 and a current net worth value of greater than $250,000 - $499,999. to see possible family members, friends, co-workers, and associates found from multiple government records, social and public sources. The deadly ice maze "with icebergs as large are buildings" caused Fornal to shift course. Location: Vandcourtlandt Park Bronx, New York, 4. Justin Fornal is a film maker, writer, and explorer. He knows and respected that, he said. Cooking Channel's official description of the project appears on their website Culinary adventure-seeker Baron Ambrosia faces banishment from his hometown of the Bronx after being accused of pie theft by Grandmaster Mele Mel. He currently works as a Principal at c ompanyName. We have found His mom and dad helped him upholster and paint his striking purple roadster,. See Photos. A friend invited me down to check out a few of the old boat clubs along the [Hudson], and he showed me The Palisades Boat Club, in Yonkers. Special Guest: Joe Bataan, 25. [12] NYC Life reaches all five boroughs as well as parts of Connecticut and New Jersey. Using a sacred Bangladeshi pepper he attempts to escape death and flee to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Donna Fornal. He is incredibly smart, courageous and sexy! Some of those folks were tied to that land into the 1960s. He and I have been exploring for years, and we have a natural onscreen connection. Writer: The Mezcalarians. I want to have a business that operates while I sleep, he said in his characteristic deadpan. Season 1 1. April 9, 2019, 9:00 AM. The relic had been missing since 1831. Justin Fornal lives in Yonkers, NY; previous cities include Killingworth CT, Bronx NY and Pittsburgh PA. The Black Drink, Ethnobotany, and a Lost Civilization in Florida. Accused of pie theft, Baron Ambrosia faces banishment from the Bronx if he can't defeat Grandmaster Mele Mel in a duel of pull-ups. [2], The New York Times reported on May 5, 2010 that "NYC Life will show the third season of Bronx Flavor on Wednesdays at 9 [after this, the] Baron will re-emerge with a new show, tentatively titled Spice Hunter NYC, which will allow him to tour all five boroughs in search of exotic flavors and crazier story lines."[11]. Because MyLife only collects this data and does not create it, we cannot fully guarantee its accuracy. Most times she and her mother were raped simultaneously alongside each other. Baron heads to Phoenix, AZ to ask a Native American Chief for his daughter's hand in marriage. Challenged by an athletic duel, he takes to the streets of Newark, NJ in search of the famed Jersey Devil fajitas, said to bring super-human strength to anyone that consumes them. A Hunts Point Haunting Air Date: October 6, 2009 But Mae and I became good friends and would lecture together. So, [Unexplained and Unexplored] is an exploration-based program where Emiliano and I take ancient maps, and then we combine the information and secrets contained within them and try to make discoveries using these old maps and new technology. Jo Yuri (Produce 48, IZONE) Age, Height, Relations What happened to Dawn Lyn? The Corned Beef Confidential Air Date: April 24, 2009 It wouldnt be at a five-star Michelin-rated restaurant: thats the obvious. In 2014, Fornal heard that Bourdain was coming to the Bronx to do a show so he reached out to his team with the arrogance of his Baron character, who considers himself an ambassador to The Bronx. With circus ghosts close on his heels, Baron explores the world of Peruvian ceviche, enjoys some Haitian oxtail, and catches a ride on a food truck filled with Jamaican jerk chicken. Location New York City, 2. I did not want to go to Arthur Avenue (Little Italy). Culinary Focus: Italian Food He is currently a writer and producer for National Geographic and VICE Studios. By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from Vice Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. Location: The Vargas Deli Justin Fornal is a film maker, writer, and explorer. The point of a show like that is not to state the obvious, said Fornal, who now writes for the Parts Unknown website. Fornal returned to his roots (and his real name) in the years since, striking out as an extreme athlete known for braving icy international waters, as well as an explorer and cultural detective who, in 2016, helped locate the lost skull of Nat Turner. * The other websites referenced on this site are owned and operated by their respective companies, and the associated trademarks and logos are the property of those companies. Location: 188 Cuchifritos, 13. Musta took the idea to the History, Arts, and Science Action Network (HASAN), a group formed by historian Kelley Fanto Deetz and adventurer/filmmaker Justin Fornal. International explorer, author, and extreme athlete Justin Fornal shares the challenges he and his team faced attempting the first nonstop swim from Canada to Greenland across the Nares Strait in August 2022.

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