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Partnering with VTRAC Management Recruitment for confidential retained search services is a wise investment for companies seeking to fill senior-level positions. By retaining us as your preferred search firm, you’ll benefit from our targeted and thorough approach to finding the right candidate while reducing the likelihood of costly hiring mistakes and turnover.

We understand that confidentiality is paramount in executive searches, and we take great care to protect our clients’ privacy throughout the process. By working with VTRAC, you’ll also benefit from an increased brand reputation with the candidates we interview. Our reputation for excellence and professionalism ensures that your organization is viewed favourably throughout the search process.

As industry experts, we understand the high cost of a bad executive hire, which is why we use our expertise to mitigate the risks associated with hiring mistakes. By choosing VTRAC as your preferred retained search firm, you’ll benefit from our proven track record of delivering top-quality candidates to our clients. We help you maximize your return on investment by securing the best talent for your organization while minimizing the risks and costs associated with hiring mistakes.

VTRAC Full-Cycle Recruitment and Retention Methodology and Track Records


Your trusted partner for management talent acquisition, with a 99.5% success rate in placing and retaining top executives. We have a strong track record of success in identifying and attracting top executive talent and retaining them in the long run. Our methodology has been refined over years of experience and a personalized approach that prioritizes understanding our client’s unique needs and culture. Our 99.5% success rate is a testament to our ability to consistently find the right fit for our clients’ management positions. Trust us to help you acquire the best executive talent for your organization.

VTRAC’s Talent Sourcing & Intelligent Assessment Process


We take pride In the network we have built over 30 years, and our track record in identifying and attracting top-tier talent for our clients. Our comprehensive talent sourcing and shortlisting approach involves tapping into our extensive network of industry contacts and utilizing the latest technology and recruitment tools. We conduct thorough background checks and reference checks to ensure that we are recommending only the best possible candidates for the position.

Our evaluation and vetting process includes thorough background checks, reference checks, and skills assessments. We verify the candidate’s employment history, education credentials, and professional certifications. We also comprehensively assess the candidate’s skills and qualifications, ensuring they have the necessary experience and expertise to excel in the position.

We also place a strong emphasis on cultural fit. We work closely with our clients to understand their organization’s values, vision, and culture. This information is used to screen potential candidates to ensure they have the right mindset and cultural fit for the organization.

Our vetting process has a proven track record of success, allowing us to present our clients with top-tier candidates who are well-suited for the position.

Our Proven Methodology


99.5% Placement Success Rate


90% Project



75% Clients



Leadership & Skill Evaluation





Placement Retention Process

Our Network & Data


With access to over 1,250,000 candidates, VTRAC Executive Search offers customized executive team building, retention, and support solutions for businesses seeking to fill senior-level positions. Our services include targeted and thorough executive search, board advisory and interim executive placements, diversity recruitment, and executive compensation structuring.

In addition, we help clients build global teams by providing access to a diverse pool of candidates with various backgrounds and skill sets. By choosing VTRAC as your preferred search firm, you can maximize your return on investment by securing the best talent for your organization while minimizing the risks and costs associated with hiring mistakes.

At VTRAC, we have over 30 years of talent acquisition experience and have worked with numerous venture capital and private equity firms. Our reputation for excellence and professionalism ensures that our clients benefit from an increased brand reputation with the candidates we interview and a reduced likelihood of costly hiring mistakes and turnover.

Succession Planning


Succession planning is another important aspect of executive search. VTRAC Executive Search helps organizations develop a plan to identify and develop potential future leaders, ensuring the organization is well-prepared for leadership transitions. This includes assessing current leadership strengths and weaknesses, identifying key roles and competencies, and developing a talent pipeline to ensure continuity of leadership.



VTRAC Executive Search offers executive compensation and succession planning services to its clients. These services are designed to help organizations attract and retain top talent while ensuring they have a plan for future leadership transitions.

Executive compensation is critical to attracting and retaining top talent. VTRAC Executive Search works with its clients to develop competitive compensation packages that align with industry standards and are tailored to the organization’s specific needs. This includes benchmarking executive salaries and benefits, developing long-term incentive plans, and ensuring that compensation is tied to performance.

In-depth understanding of:

  • Base salary: structure & competitiveness
  • Bonuses: personal bonus, team bonus and company performance bonus.
  • Employee Stock Options: ISOs & NSOs
  • Benefits: RRSP, ESP, 401K, benefits package and club memberships.
  • Allowances: transportation, equipment and mobile payment, education reimbursement and management skills development.
  • Bonuses: over-achieving escalation and cost-saving bonuses.
  • Others: ROI escalating performance, relocation, time-escalation packages, outplacement packages, re-hire negotiation and lay-off packages.


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