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VTRAC offers comprehensive OpenText ECM services which cover the entire spectrum. From development to implementation, pre production and production, our expert teams are equipped to administer, migrate, and deploy solutions seamlessly across different environments, including Cloud integration and migration. With full implementation teams located in Canada, the U.S, Brazil and Argentina we ensure a global reach for our clients.

OpenText Project Consulting Service


Our experienced consultants are ready to assist you in planning and executing your digital process automation strategy. By collaborating closely with you we refine your objectives and develop a clear road map to help you achieve your goals effectively.

Solution Design and Implementation


Leveraging OpenText’s suite of ECM products, VTRAC designs, implements and supports tailored solutions. Our efficient solutions enhance productivity and streamline operations, covering record management, workflow management and lifecycle management.

Managed Services


We provide customized managed service offerings tailored to your requirements within the OpenText ECM ecosystem. Our support and administration cover a wide range of services including OpenText Content Suite, OpenText Documentum, and OpenText Case Manager.

 OpenText ECM Integration


VTRAC specializes in integrating OpenText ECM products including Content Suite, Documentum and ECM, with popular enterprise systems such as SAP, Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce. Our expert consultants help organizations effortlessly connect OpenText ECM with these business applications to enable content-driven processes across the entire enterprise.

OpenText System Upgrades


Trust VTRAC for planning and executing system advancements or upgrading your existing OpenText landscapes to the latest versions. We specialize in upgrading ECM system, while ensuring compatibility with your operating system and database environments. Our upgrades cover record management, workflow management, and lifecycle management and keep your ECM environment efficient.

Digital Automation Consulting


Leveraging OpenText’s ECM products, our experienced consultants help develop your digital automation strategy . We refine your asset and work management objectives by creating a roadmap for achievement by using the latest OpenText product versions. Our solutions include record management, workflow management and lifecycle management, optimizing processes and information governance.

IT Application Rationalization and Roadmap


VTRAC optimizes your OpenText ECM landscape, reducing technical debt and total cost of ownership. We refine your IT applications roadmap based on business priorities utilizing OpenText tools and methodologies. Our solutions encompass record management, workflow management, and lifecycle management, creating a streamlined and efficient ECM environment.


Use VTRAC’s OpenText products and services to unlock your ECM system’s full potential. Drive digital transformation, optimize efficiency, and achieve your goals with robust record management, workflow management and lifecycle management capabilities. Partner with us to leverage the latest OpenText product versions and propel your organization forward.



Oil & Gas Organization


Challenges: A leading oil and gas company was facing challenges in managing their vast volume of documents and streamlining their business processes. They struggled with inefficient document management, lack of visibility into workflows and delays in approvals and compliance.


Solution: VTRAC provided comprehensive consulting services to the company by leveraging OpenText ECM solutions. We implemented a robust document management system that allowed seamless capture, storage and retrieval of documents. We optimized their business processes by automating workflows, enabling faster approvals and ensuring regulatory compliance.



  • Improved operational efficiency by reducing document search and retrieval time.
  • Enhanced collaboration among teams by providing a centralized platform for document sharing and version control.
  • Streamlined workflows led to faster approvals, reducing project timelines and increasing productivity.
  • Ensured compliance with industry regulations and improved auditability.

Federal Regulatory Organization



A government regulatory agency was struggling with manual and paper-based processes which resulted in inefficiencies, delays, and difficulties in tracking regulatory submissions and approvals. They needed a solution to streamline their document management and automate their regulatory workflows.


Delivered Solution:

VTRAC implemented OpenText ECM solutions tailored to the specific needs of the regulatory agency. We designed and deployed a comprehensive document management system that digitized their paper-based processes. We integrated workflows, automated approval processes, and provided real-time visibility into the status of regulatory submissions.



  • Improved efficiency and reduced processing time for regulatory submissions.
  • Enhanced collaboration and data integrity through a centralized document repository.
  • Increased compliance and reduced errors through automated approval workflows.
  • Real-time tracking and reporting capabilities for better decision-making and regulatory oversight.

Major Banking Institution


A financial institution faced challenges with manual documentation, workflow management and record keeping. They struggled with handling financial records, customer data, regulatory documentation and inefficient approval processes. The bank needed a solution to streamline document management, digitize data and enhance workflow efficiency.


VTRAC provided a comprehensive solution by integrating OpenText Documentum, Content Server and Workflow Management systems. We helped the bank transform their processes by digitizing data, automating workflows, and ensuring seamless document management. We also integrated the OpenText systems with their existing infrastructure for efficient data storage and retrieval.


The implementation of OpenText Documentum, Content Server and Workflow Management systems by VTRAC helped the financial institution overcome manual document management challenges and transform its processes. Customers experienced improved service through faster document retrieval, quicker processing times and increased operational efficiency. The integration of OpenText systems with the bank’s infrastructure allowed for seamless data storage and retrieval, benefitting both the organization and its customers.


  • Streamlined Document Management: 

    The bank gained centralized control over financial records, customer data and regulatory documentation. This streamlined document management ensured easy access, enhanced security and improved collaboration among teams. Customers benefited from faster and more accurate document retrieval, leading to improved service.


  • Automated Workflow Management:

    The bank automated approval processes, eliminating manual, redundant tasks. This resulted in faster turnaround times, reduced errors and increased productivity. Customers experienced quicker processing times and improved response times for their requests.


  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance:

    OpenText Documentum facilitated robust records management, ensuring the bank’s compliance with regulations. This reduced the risk of penalties and reputational damage. Customers gained confidence in the bank’s adherence to regulatory requirements.


  • Efficient Data Digitization and Archiving:

    The digitization of data and archiving capabilities provided by OpenText Documentum enabled the bank to reduce reliance on physical documents. This allowed for quicker and more accurate retrieval of customer information, improving customer service.


  • Improved Business Process Efficiency: 

    By leveraging OpenText systems, the bank achieved improved efficiency in its business processes. The automated workflows, streamlined document management and enhanced collaboration resulted in reduced operational costs, increased productivity and faster decision-making. Customers benefitted from faster processing and a more efficient banking experience.



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