VTRAC Executive Search offers more than just traditional executive search services. We also provide advisory services to boards of directors, as well as interim executive placements for businesses in need of immediate support. Our extensive network of experienced professionals allows us to provide the right interim executive to meet your needs quickly. We also provide comprehensive succession planning services for businesses seeking to ensure a smooth transition in leadership. Our team works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and goals, identifying key roles and potential candidates for leadership positions. With our extensive network and expertise in executive recruitment, we’re able to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges of each client—partner with us to ensure a seamless transition and continued success for your organization.

Our Network & Data


With access to over 1,250,000 candidates, VTRAC Executive Search offers customized executive team building, retention, and support solutions for businesses seeking to fill senior-level positions. Our services include targeted and thorough executive search, board advisory and interim executive placements, diversity recruitment, and executive compensation structuring.

In addition, we help clients build global teams by providing access to a diverse pool of candidates with various backgrounds and skill sets. By choosing VTRAC as your preferred search firm, you can maximize your return on investment by securing the best talent for your organization while minimizing the risks and costs associated with hiring mistakes.

At VTRAC, we have over 30 years of talent acquisition experience and have worked with numerous venture capital and private equity firms. Our reputation for excellence and professionalism ensures that our clients benefit from an increased brand reputation with the candidates we interview and a reduced likelihood of costly hiring mistakes and turnover.

Private Sector Interim Roles

Industries & Positions

Private Equity  –  CMO, Chief Marketing Officer

Investment Banking –  CIO, Chief Investment Officer

Information Technology –  CIO, Chief Information Officer

Information Technology –  CEO, Chief Engineering Officer

Information Technology –  CTO, Chief Technical Officer

Financial Services –  CFO, Chief Financial Officer

Financial Services –  CDO, Chief Distribution Officer

Venture Capital –  MD, Managing Director

Energy-Oil and Gas –  COO, Chief Operating Officer

Public Sector Interim Roles

Department & Positions

Education  –  Deputy Director

Finance –  Senior Advisor

Information Technology –  Deputy Project Lead

Health & Wellness –  Chief Administrator

Environment –  Executive Director