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Envision Community Programs

Empowering Youth for
a Brighter Tomorrow

About Envision

Founded by VTRAC’s team in 2010, Envision Education Foundation is non-profit organization that assists underserve communities and new commers in career transitions by offering targeted hands-on training, Coop and job placements, and support.

Envision Community Programs

Our mission has always centered around empowering individuals in their career development and transition by offering practical and effective targeted skill development and job placements programs, a principle that has not only defined our organizational ethos but has also led to numerous success stories of individuals achieving sustainable employment.

  • In partnership with the City of Toronto and 22 Hotels : Hospitality Program: Placement 1700 participants, success rate 77%.
  • In partnership with 3 major banks:  Bank Teller Youth Program, Placement 300 participants, success rate 85%
  • In partnership with TIYP:  Way to Success Youth Program (bring back high school drop outs), Placement 100 participants, success rate 75%

Our Track Record

We are proud of our record of placement and training of 2100+ individuals with some of the highest job retention rate.  



VTRAC is a majority women own company, a CAMSC, NMSDC and WeConnect Certified Diversity Supplier.

VTRAC was founded in 1993 in Toronto by senior technology and business professionals, offers recruitment, training and consulting services to clients within technology, finance, retail, distribution, manufacturing and engineering industries .

We believe in community, diversity, equality and sharing our knowledge and experience wherever we can to support the advancement of our community members.  We take a great pride in our long-standing commitment to directly providing jobs and skills training to individuals facing a wide range of life challenges. This invaluable experience uniquely positions us to spearhead a new and innovative initiative focused on tackling the pressing issue of Youth unemployment