VTRAC Executive Search offers executive compensation and succession planning services to its clients. These services are designed to help organizations attract and retain top talent while ensuring they have a plan for future leadership transitions.

Executive compensation is critical to attracting and retaining top talent. VTRAC Executive Search works with its clients to develop competitive compensation packages that align with industry standards and are tailored to the organization’s specific needs. This includes benchmarking executive salaries and benefits, developing long-term incentive plans, and ensuring that compensation is tied to performance.

In-depth understanding of:

  • Base salary: structure & competitiveness
  • Bonuses: personal bonus, team bonus and company performance bonus.
  • Employee Stock Options: ISOs & NSOs
  • Benefits: RRSP, ESP, 401K, benefits package and club memberships.
  • Allowances: transportation, equipment and mobile payment, education reimbursement and management skills development.
  • Bonuses: over-achieving escalation and cost-saving bonuses.
  • Others: ROI escalating performance, relocation, time-escalation packages, outplacement packages, re-hire negotiation and lay-off packages.