Welcome to VTRAC Executive Search and Advisory, where we specialize in finding top-tier and unique executive talent for your organization, full-time or in a short-term Advisory capacity.




We understand that executive hiring can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. This is particularly true for boards of directors and shareholders responsible for overseeing top-level executives’ recruitment. Our services are designed to alleviate this burden and provide a comprehensive solution to executive recruitment. We acknowledge that you’re searching for a high-impact executive who can revolutionize your approach and drive results.

Our executive search services are designed to handle every aspect of the recruitment process, from sourcing and shortlisting to negotiating salaries, benefits and retention. We take a consulting approach to recruitment, getting to know your organization’s needs, culture, and vision for the future. Our personalized attention ensures that we find the best possible candidate for the position, one with the necessary skills and track record of success and an excellent cultural fit for your organization.

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At VTRAC, we pride ourselves on our extensive industry experience of over 30 years in talent acquisition.
Our team has hands-on experience in the industries we serve, including technology, financial services, and private equity and venture capital. This unique perspective allows us to understand the nuances of each industry and provide tailored solutions to our clients. Partnering with VTRAC means working with a team that knows the industry inside and out and has a proven track record of success in helping our clients find top talent. Let us help you find the right executives to lead your organization to success.”


Hands-on Real World Experience


Our team of experts brings real-world experience in the industries we serve – from financial services to technology and beyond. This means we understand each industry’s unique challenges and requirements and can provide unparalleled insight and support in finding the right talent for your organization.

Our Network & Data


With a proven track record of success with a 99.5% success rate in retained search & advisory. We have worked with over 130 clients across a variety of industries, providing customized solutions to help them find the right talent for their senior-level positions. Our extensive network of over 1,250,000 candidates, combined with our targeted and thorough search process, ensures that we are able to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Faster Turn Around


We pride ourselves on our strong network and industry focus. With over two decades of experience, we’ve built a robust network of top-tier candidates, allowing us to deliver quality candidates 20% faster than the industry average. Our focus on specific industries and leadership positions enables us to identify and recruit the best talent quickly and efficiently.

Cost Saving


Our aim is to help you reduce your recruitment costs by 25-30% without compromising on quality. With our extensive network and industry expertise, we are able to identify and attract top talent more efficiently, allowing us to offer you the best candidates at a lower cost.



With access to 1,250,000 talents in North America and globally candidates, we provide Executive team building, Advisory, Compensation Evaluation and structuring, Immigration and Relocation support solutions, including:

Executive Search


Our most popular service is our retained executive search, which offers a targeted and thorough approach to finding the right candidate for your senior-level positions. By partnering with VTRAC, you can reduce the likelihood of costly hiring mistakes and maximize your ROI by securing the best talent for your organization. Read more

Advisory, Executives on-Demand


Board and Projects Advisory and immediate Interim Executives provide companies with the expertise to navigate complex business challenges and make strategic decisions. At VTRAC Executive Search, we offer customized solutions to help our clients access top talent for these critical roles. Read more

Diversity Recruitment


VTRAC Executive Search is committed to diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process. We provide customized solutions that help companies diversify their workforce and attract top talent from underrepresented groups. Our team is experienced in sourcing and assessing diverse candidates for executive positions across industries. With a focus on inclusivity, we aim to help companies build a more dynamic and innovative team. Contact us to learn more about our diversity recruitment offerings.  Read more

Executive Compensation Structuring


Compensation packages can be a complex and sensitive issue to navigate, particularly when it comes to executive positions. At VTRAC Executive Search, we have extensive experience negotiating our clients’ salaries, benefits, and other compensation packages. We ensure our clients offer competitive compensation packages that attract top-tier talent while aligning with their overall budget and compensation philosophy. Read more

Our team of experts uses their extensive knowledge to develop compensation structures that help you attract and retain top executive talent. We take a comprehensive approach to ensure that your compensation package aligns with your organization’s goals and values while remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Relocation and Immigration Services


Global Team Building: We help clients build high-performing global teams through our extensive international network and proven executive search and recruitment expertise. Our relocation and immigration services ensure a smooth transition for the executive and their family, minimizing any disruption to their work and personal lives. Read more



Information Technology


As a result of our strong relationships with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, we have become a trusted partner for their portfolio companies to fill crucial leadership roles within the hyper-growth technology sector. Our expertise in identifying, assessing, and recruiting top talent in this industry has enabled us to play a vital role in the growth and success of numerous companies. We understand these companies’ unique challenges in scaling their operations and have a track record of placing leaders who can help them navigate these challenges and achieve their goals.


Private Equity & Venture Capital


Private Equity and Venture Capital firms require diverse skills and expertise from top talent to help them identify investment opportunities, execute transactions, and drive value creation in their portfolio companies. These skills may include deal sourcing and execution, financial analysis, due diligence, and portfolio management. Our PE & VC clients constantly search for individuals with these skills to join their teams.


Financial Services


Financial services firms and the industry at large actively seek out skilled professionals with a diverse range of expertise, from finance and accounting to technology and risk management, to ensure they stay competitive and can meet the changing needs of their clients.


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