“T” is for Talent, and Toronto’s got lots of it!

At VTRAC we love Start-Ups!

And we also love Toronto. So it’s easy to see why Toronto’s Start-Up Open House last week got us so excited!

When the term “Start-Up” comes to mind, most people would immediately think of giant tech hubs like Silicon Valley and New York, but as large companies begin to dominate that area, there seems to be less opportunity for the small guys.

Travel North to Canada you will find an exciting city called Toronto. Often overshadowed, Toronto offers many exciting opportunities for Start-Ups. This week we visited over 42 start-ups from east to west of Toronto. Let’s look at some of the top advantages Toronto has to offer.

Putting the “T” in Talent
Toronto is home to 8 notorious universities and colleges, breeding some of the most educated talent in the world.  Combining these brilliant minds with technological innovation and larger-than life aspiration, Toronto is the place where no goals go unreached and nothing is impossible.

Big Fish in a Small Pond
Toronto also offers a realistic opportunity for Start-Ups to work with brilliant minds. In areas such as the Valley, large companies, such can easily dominate the market by offering financial incentives to prospective employees. Unable to match those incentives, Start-Up companies are often left with a limited talent pool to fish from.  Toronto offers a much more level playing field when it comes to hiring talent.

An International Gateway
Diverse and globally-connected, Toronto is a pipeline to the world. Collectively speaking 180 languages and dialects, Torontonians understand the cultural landscape and nuances of doing business internationally.

The Ideal Location
With international business hubs such as New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington all accessible within 120 minute flight or less, Toronto is perfectly situated and well-connected to some of the world’s most valuable commerce locales.

A Real Bargain for Near-Shoring
Did you know? The cost of doing business in Toronto is lower than the 31 largest cities in the United States!

Ready to Showcase your Talents?
VTRAC has partnered with many Start-Ups across the GTA who are looking for people like you! Find your next big opportunity here!