2019 was an amazing year, and for so many reasons.

Rise of women:
It was the year of women. Many corporations seriously started to look within, appreciated the talent and recognized diversity and inclusion.

One can make a change:
It was the year when 16 year old Greta Thunberg started a new movement and fought for climate change. She showed us that in the age of information you do not need to have decades of age under your belt to think right and fight for what you believe in. She showed us that it only takes one person to make an impact.

Disrupting technologies rejuvenating the corporate world:
It was the year of disrupting technologies shaking organizations for enhancement and survival.  Once again proving that the status quo will not meet the client’s demand and all corporations, no matter of their size, need to be agile, adoptive and open to new ideas.

Work sharing spaces, new communities:
It was the year of work-sharing spaces in over 52 countries. Shifting the commercial market and helped small to large organization to go back to a community and collaborative environment.

The AI effect:
AI became the main topic all over the world, from media to healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, banking, insurance and energy. AI will change how we collect information, communicate and make decisions. The challenge remains as how AI can be applied to enhance human’s life VS business process efficiencies and creating wealth or married both together. However, I will chose Human’s life at any given day!

Here are some of the lessons learned and my 25 picks:

1. Keep family and friends first.
2. Stay healthy, exercise and eat good food.
3. Look within, you are BIG. Follow your passion, it’s in you. It is your compass.
4. Change is GOOD. Embrace it.
5. Power and fame are good things. Use them for social change.
6. Look for the best in each person. We all have our own challenges, but we also all have our own strengths.
7. Make your voice heard, those who appreciate will listen and encourage you.
8. Create your own village of positive people and surround yourself with those whom you believe in.

9. Hire people based on their true passion and skills, not only length of experience and certifications. Age is not the factor, vision, dedication and passion are the pillars.
10. Customize job/career plans for each of your team members and commit to support them.
11. Allocate time for your team, listen and listen, customize training and professional development plans.
12. Collaborate more with social enterprises.
13. Specialize in what you do and stick to it.
14. Get up in the early mornings, take advantage of the peace and magic of the sunrise.
15. Align yourself with those who believe in original and creative work.
16. Say NO. Avoid mirages and titles, unfair contracts and practices.

17. AISpace Factory
18. Aggregate Intellect
19. AMP Awesome Music Project 
20. Ashoka Change Makers
21. Aurinia
22. CommonBond
23. Drone Delivery Canada
24. Lavoie Films
25. SnowFlake

On behalf of the VTRAC team THANK YOU friends, colleagues and partners for your support.
Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.
2020 will be a superb year, the best is yet to come!

Published by Forood Malekzadeh, Sr. Partner at VTRAC