International Women’s Day

VTRAC Consulting Corporation (Certified Diversity Co.) celebrates the Women of VTRAC on this International Women’s Day March 8, 2022.

As a company both led by and made up of 60% women with live the values of diversity, inclusion and equality every day. In fact, we believe that there shouldn’t have to be a day to remind us of the need for such attention. However, we are grateful to celebrate such great examples of Women in our organization, and hope we can instill a sense of equality in all companies globally.

MaryamAnastasiiaAnastasiaPariShallyCarolynOksanaRuzBonnieTaniaShivangiGalinaSofi and Joyce we are so happy to celebrate this day with you all.

VTRAC was established on the principles of people, quality and respect. 28 years later, these values are still of the highest importance to our company and have resulted in strong, long-lasting partnerships with our consultants, communities and clients.