It takes ONE GREAT MIND …………

It takes ONE GREAT MIND to make a difference. Attracting great TALENT requires great effort, patience, flexibility and some customization.

No matter how many layoffs are out there, great talents are in demand and will be more in the future. In today’s complex job market, attracting top talent requires more than branding and catchy job postings. It requires putting in the effort, being flexible and patient, to create a candidate experience that feels human. Here are a few ways to achieved that in 2024:

Be Prepared and Personalize the interview process:
Start by learning about the Talent’s background, motivation and goals, and tailor the conversation accordingly.

Emphasize Empathy:
Be patient in the process and give a fair chance, and time, to each Talent, so they share their experiences in a relaxed setting, staying cognizant that even the most senior Talents can get nervous in the job interview process. Some of the greatest achievers in the world are quiet and introverted take the time to discover their true values. #LionelMessi, the greatest football player of all time, is one of the quiet, yet super-talented, individuals!

Be Fair:
Give a fair opportunity to all selected Talent for interviews including the junior ones. You may have the next #PierreOmidyar (founder of eBay) or #OprahWinfrey sitting right in front of you. It takes one great mind to turn around a company.

Be Aware:
That in hiring, you have a direct effect on people’s lives, their families and the community.

Listen to your gut feelings but:
Do not play God. Make decisions based on conducting real evaluation, skillsets, history, achievements, motivations and aspirations.

Be Transparent:
Be upfront about the hiring process, timelines, and expectations. Keep Talents updated throughout.

Show Appreciation:
Regardless of the outcome, thank each Talent e for their time and letting you get to know them.

Foster a Positive Company Culture:
Talents, and Clients, can sense whether a company is a great place to work, so make sure your culture is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive.

Demonstrate Flexibility and Encourage Face-to-Face Meetings:
Be open to schedules and preferences, whether that means offering partially remote interviews or flexible start times, however it is important to meet the people face-to-face to truly be able to gain and show genuine interest in experiences and perspectives.

Give Constructive feedback:
Even if it is not the right fit, provide feedback as much as possible to help them improve their chances in the future.

Do you best to customize jobs according to your business needs and the talent’s passions.

If you are a hiring manager looking to hire, the best opportunities could come from human connection, listening and passion towards a specific goal. Let’s make 2024 a greater year and share more opportunities with ALL.

by: Forood Malekzadeh

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