The BIG GRID and how to break through it refers to the economies manipulated by a few giant corporations, how to work through them, bring change, disrupt and grow rapidly.

In Canada, a handful of massive companies have a chokehold on key sectors of the economy. Approximately 93% of people’s money is managed by 7 banks, 64% of food distribution is managed by 2 two companies, 80% of telecommunications is managed by only 4.

This makes it tough for SMB’s to break through and compete, but all is not lost – there are strategies for breaking through the BIG GRID and achieving success. Here’s how to do it:”

– Differentiate yourself:
Offer a unique value proposition or niche service that sets you apart from the big players.

– Focus on customer experience, build a reputation for excellent service, even if you’re smaller than your competitors.

– Be nimble and adaptable, take advantage of your size and ability to be more agile and innovative than your larger rivals.

– Leverage technology, use tech tools to level the playing field and optimize your operations.

– Utilize data and analytics to optimize your operations, pricing, and marketing strategies.

– Invest in R&D to develop new products or services that address unmet needs or gaps in the market.

– Develop a social media strategy that showcases your unique offerings and builds an engaged community around your brand.

– Focus on word-of-mouth marketing by creating memorable customer experiences and incentivizing referrals.

– Offer perks and benefits that larger companies may not, such as flexible work arrangements, personalized customer service, or discounts for loyal customers.

– Explore alternative distribution channels, such as online marketplaces, to reach new customers.

– Consider disrupting traditional business models by offering innovative payment or pricing structures, such as subscription-based services or pay-what-you-want models.

– Collaborate with other small businesses to create a stronger collective voice and leverage economies of scale.

There is no limit on what we can do, no matter how big is the challenge ahead. 👍

Forood Malekzadeh

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