Let’s Talk Programming

Actually, this week language isn’t about talking, it’s about programming as we count down the top 5 programming languages we think you should know.

Similar to C# is the more technical yet versatile language of Java. Dependable on any OS, Java gives you the powers to develop complex applications, and it’s packed with loads of amazing features.  Already Java Saavy? We’re Hiring!

As one of the easiest programming languages to learn and deploy, this one should come as no surprise.  It uses the normal English language so you can master its syntax easily.  Python is also powerful and versatile so you can use it to develop a wide range of applications.

One resistant language, C# is one programming language that continues to be better and more powerful as time progresses. It has evolved with time and keeps matching with the modern technological demands. You can use C# to build anything – websites, mobile apps, PC software, you name it! Mobile apps or a PC software, C# can also be run on any platform (Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac for example) and provides a solid foundation for learning other programming languages.


PHP is a popular programming language for web development. With PHP, you will be able to build powerful websites from scratch. Want proof? Take a look at popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others and you will understand the power of PHP. PHP is among the easiest programming languages to learn as it has a very simple syntax, making it an easy candidate for our top 5.

Swift & Kotlin:
Many businesses are putting efforts to have iOS apps. By learning Swift, your skills will be on high demand. Many  companies will look to you to help develop iOS apps and they’ll be offering big bucks! Interested? Click Here to see our current mobile development opportunities.  More of an Android person?  Kotlin is to Android as Swift is to iOS.  You can use it to develop Android apps and acts as simpler alternative to Java.

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