Taking PRIDE in Diversity

Pride month has really got us reflecting. For years the community has strived to promote equality and diversity – something VTRAC has been endorsing since we first opened our doors in 1993.

Just like in society, restrictive bans or closed minds often close the doors on endless possibilities. At VTRAC, we have always recognized that talent sees no borders.

Canada too has long been known for diversity. Our open arms have often set us apart globally as we celebrate differences instead of excluding them. And we are certainly reaping the benefits today of the so-called “collaboration structure” that continues to extend the boundaries of innovation.

No doubt it’s exciting about what collaboration means for the future of technology, but it’s also important to remember that technology also helped us get here in the first place.

It’s almost funny when you think about it. The internet promotes team collaboration. Often masked by computer screens, people don’t necessarily know who they are collaborating with – their race, their gender, their language, nor do they care – as long as the results are there. As the monitors come down though, collaboration too often turns to judgement, hindering future cooperation and efforts.

When you think like this, the silliness of it all really comes to light, doesn’t it?

While we could spend all day reflecting on all the benefits diversity can offer, collaborative efforts in technology and innovation are definitely two areas we’re excited about. Combined with a 0% exclusion rate, it’s this community building structure that will truly lead to global success, and VTRAC is so glad to already be on that path.


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