Entrepreneurship and why I became a Recruiter.

28 years ago (when I was much younger with more hair), it was an exciting day because I was expecting my annual bonus check. I went to work and saw the magical envelope. I opened it and, for the first time, I saw what it is called a “pink slip”. Yes, I had been restructured out of my job. I was in total shock. Only 7 weeks before, I was on a podium being presented an award known as “Employee of the Year”. I received a balloon with a huge gray ugly elephant inside (still thinking why not a cute bear so I could share it with my partner). Now my job, along with many of my colleagues’, had disappeared – outsourced to out of the country so the company could offer higher stock values, what else is new?? Realistically I could not blame them, as they had ONLY 22% increase over the last quarter…

Four times I had tried to be a great employee, and almost each time I reached great success,  but it never felt right. 

Deep down I was always an entrepreneur. I started my first little business at the age of 9, cleaning and selling used comics (that was fun), and was growing caterpillars in shoe boxes by the time I reached 12 (believe me, that was a 10X business, especially after selling the silks). Then, with my brothers, I began distributing mix-music tapes at 16 (Woohoo, there were no copyrights back then), designing motifs for youth clothing at 16, and designing women’s clothing at 18 (hey, at least my mom liked my work!!). By age 22, I had built an auto parts factory and an international trading company at 24 (no complaints getting paid and traveling from China to Europe, much faster than waiting for Aeroplan points or losing 325000 point because I did not use my point for 1.5 year).

28 years ago, I started my current company, VTRAC. I  spent 4 years working on various consulting and recruitment jobs until the opportunity came up that helped me to decide that I wanted to work fully as a recruiter – a profession that was allowing me to have a CHOICE while doing WHAT I LOVE to do (helping people), not to mention a higher income with no cap! I haven’t even mentioned the other great values such as:

·         Helping 1000’s of people with their career and life transitions

·         Choosing and working with great team members and people I love to work with

·         Choosing my own clients

·         Choosing the industries that I like to work on

·         Access to market intelligence 

·         Learning about growing organizations

·         Work in fast and wide environment

·         Opportunity to have a higher income than many other professions and ability to support community

28 years later, and after surviving 3 recessions, I am so honoured to say that I have had the opportunity, and privilege, of working with some of the best and smartest human beings (both at VTRAC, and outside), working on hundreds of teams building projects, assisting 4000+ people with their career transition and 127 companies with their growth. I am truly proud of my profession and highly recommend recruitment as a great and fulfilling career. 

Thank you to my life and business  partner, Maryam Bekhrad, for her love and support, my great team members and their families at VTRAC who go above and beyond their lines of duty each and every day, and to all consultants, professionals and clients who have supported us since 1993. 

To turn your dreams to reality, write about your passions and dreams, do in-depth research and analysis, design your business financial and income models, create the execution plan, create a plan to mitigate risk, find a great mentor, use government supports, find an investor (if you need to), and most importantly, NEVER STOP DREAMING.

If you would like to become a recruiter and would like to learn more about the recruitment industry, or if you are already a recruiter experiencing some challenges please feel free connect with me at [email protected] 

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