How to improve your chances in having a successful job interview?

Congratulations! You have been invited to attend a job interview for a position that you really wanted. You haven’t gotten the job yet though – you still need to convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the role you’ve applied to.

That’s why the VTRAC team is here to give you some tips to succeed at your job interview:

–       Research about the company, and the role: what is the company philosophy? What is the profile the company is looking for? What are the important skills that the ideal candidate will have? It is important to consider which of these we can answer, and which we need clarity before the interview. This will help you shape both your own questions and answers during the interview. 

–       Research your interviewer: LinkedIN is a very powerful tool to get to know people professionally these days and can provide valuable information to interviewees. For example, you may find out how long the hiring manager has worked at that specific company which opens the door for you to compliment their tenure and show you have done your research at the same time! Knowing about your interviewer before the interview will give you material to talk about with the interviewer and creates confidence while you are interviewing.

–       Be careful with your body language: Body language is a very important part of the interview. Your body language says a lot about your interest in the position, confidence, and ability to listen. That’s why it is important to look the interviewer in their eyes, work on your nerves, and to focus on talking about yourself. Show a nice smile or, if this is an in person job interview, practice shaking hands. If it is a virtual interview, test your internet connection, make sure you have good lighting and are in a space that you feel comfortable in.

–       Ask for the Job:  Explain to the interviewer that you are interested in the role. Ask questions that you have about the role, and don’t be afraid to say that you are the best fit (as long as your truly believe it). Being direct can help you to project a strong image.

–       Talk about the value you can add to the company: A common question in interviews asks about the value that you will add to the organization. Be prepared to tell people what you think you can add to the future of the company. This will also help you if you apply to companies that you identify with.

–       Why are you changing your job? Please, answer this in a positive way. Do not criticize your old company, or job. Talk about your previous positions in a positive way. Highlight the things you have learned, and how you have let your experiences shape the strengths that you have now.

–       Don’t forget the follow-up: After the interview is finished, thank the interviewer and be sure to ask how the process will continue. Wait a few days and, if they don’t contact you after the deadline that they gave you, try to send them an email.

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