Quick & Wallet-Friendly DIY Halloween Ideas for Techies

This year Halloween falls right in the middle of the work week. Faced with challenges such as finding work-appropriate costumes that don’t break the bank or require an entire weekend to construct, celebrating Halloween at work can be tricky, resulting in many of us all-too-easily pulling out the “I forgot” card.

This year, don’t overlook the opportunity to sport a costume next Wednesday. Celebrating Halloween at work shouldn’t be scary. As Rebecca Hinds points out, “a carefully chosen Halloween costume can be a terrific way to get noticed by your colleagues and superiors, without succumbing to overbearing self-promotion. ”

The trick to mastering Halloween at work is to select a costume that is creative, unique, and drives people to stop and think.

We searched high and low to help inspire your inner creativity this season. Here are our top 5 tech-inspired Halloween costumes that you can pull together faster than your next Windows update:

1. An Apple Watch

Supplies needed: Scotch Tape, 1 Bright Red Apple
The execution: Tape the apple to your wrist. Ta-da, you have yourself an Apple Watch!

2. An Error 404

Supplies needed: Black Sharpie, 1 White T-shirt
The execution:  With the marker, inscribe the following across the chest area of a blank white t-  shirt: “No costume found: ERROR 404”.

3. An Email Phisher

Supplies needed: Fishing Rod, 1 Sharpie, 1 White Envelope
Execution: With the marker, write the word “Email” on the front of the white envelope and attach it to the fishing rod!

4. A Blue Screen of Death

Supplies needed: Blue scrubs (or fully blue attire), Fake blood.
Execution: Dress in all blue and adorn your face with fake blood, simple as that!

5. A Web Server

Supplies needed: 1 serving plate, Spider webbing (or cotton batting material).
Execution: Place a mound of spider webbing on top of the tray. If you want to take this idea a
step further, print out a picture of your favorite server (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and tape it to the plate’s surface.

Did we help you out this Halloween? We’d love to see your Halloween tech costumes! Upload your photos to our Facebook Page!