VTRAC’s TOP 8 Tech Cities. This week’s pick, New York City!

New York City is the place where people want to live. Every year the big city life attracts an increasing amount of young people who, with long-term plans to settle in NYC, are looking to the city to start building their futures. Especially those who are in the tech industry. One of the main reasons for this is the huge amount of new job openings. According to a  Wall Street Journal report, Amazon Inc. has plans to bring 25,000 new jobs to New York City and Northern Virginia. This announcement has excited many businesses already in the city as they start preparing for the hustle-and-bustle the increased crowd will bring to their companies.

So what makes New York so attractive to a booming tech industry?

VC Market
New York is a good start for entrepreneurs who want to enter into the business world. Innovation startups can reap major benefits as they neighbor with some of the world’s largest stock companies looking for innovative ideas to support financially. With more economic benefits than any other city, NYC simply offers more opportunity to raise money. According to the MoneyTree Report Q4 2017, more than 7,000 startups received over $11.5 billion in VC funding in year 2017 alone. As of 2016, the New York’s tech ecosystem has experienced a consistent 13% increase from 2013, representing the growth of 39,000 jobs in the tech industry alone.


Hot Jobs
With such a hot market, hot jobs in NYC are aplenty. Many companies in the city are currently hiring for senior roles such as Sr. Developers, Architects, Security Specialists, RPA Analysts, IT Directors, CTO’s and, of course, Financial Services and Sales professionals. If it’s growth that you’re looking for, many major companies are hiring on levels all across the board. NYC has got something for everyone and offers a great opportunity to move up in rapidly growing, innovative companies.

Talent Pool
In NYC several schools offer a wide range of technical degrees. NYC can proudly boast it’s home to them all. Columbia University offers 78 Engineering Degree programs, Cornell University has 62 and 47 engineering degree programs are available at NYU. Even with a huge number of graduates there still many open job openings in the IT sectors. In fact, many IT professionals in NYC are receives multiple offers almost every month! As a result, employers need to offer exciting leading edge projects, but also need to move fast in their hiring process and should keep focus on a very competitive compensation, relocation and settlement packages.

Trends Forecast
Let’s face it – New York City is ahead in many global trend. It is a great place to monitor the market, forecast trends and set new mainstreams. The newest information from each industry just seems to flow naturally in the air of Big Apple. Successful leaders already understand that this is the place where innovation exists closely with economic and cultural development. Hopper, the software used for booking flights and hotels on mobiles phones, is a good example of a company that knows where to locate its company to get the most relevant information of the market and global trends.

Social Life
With a multitude of social activities going on in NYC, the city offers a great opportunity to boost-up your life style while growing in business. Every day the city sees notable events and companies moving in. Many companies offering collaborating environment, team activities and social events. New York is the city that every person can have fun, exploring cultural events, restaurants and bars.

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So, it’s obviously no secret, New York definitely has a place on our top 8. What do you think? Does the BIG city come with BIG opportunity?